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International Women's Day - Balance For Better

I woke up this morning to a barrage of social media posts promoting and celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 . My initial reaction was oops I’d forgotten about this and as a strong, independent women I should have known and been involved in some way. As more and more posts appeared on my social media feed surrounding this day, I noticed there was a general theme (not in all cases), that appeared to focus on promoting and singling women out to be superior to men. This started to concern me. I’m sure when the organisers first set up organising a day which celebrates the struggles and achievements of women throughout history to the present day and to encourage gender equality going forward, they did not intend for this to become a ‘women are better than men’ campaign. The organisers are clearly aware of this shift in women empowerment as the theme this year is #balanceforbetter. However, many of the posts I’ve read didn’t seem to get that memo or ignored it completely.

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