The Sarah Diane Creative brand was born out of a love and passion for creating beautiful garments, accessories and homeware.

SDC’s founder, Sarah Diane Fletcher, has always held a creative space in her heart and soul. Taught by her talented Mother from a very young age, a wealth of creative knowledge has been passed down from generations of gifted relatives in her family.

With this grounding in creative arts, Sarah developed her talent and skills in dressmaking over the years and began experimenting more and more with patterns, fabrics and notions.

Frustrated with the fast fashion industry and the many restrictions in retail wear, Sarah started pattern drafting her own unique designs influenced by slow fashion to create timeless and bespoke fitting pieces for herself, family and friends.

From these beginnings, Sarah Diane Creative was born to provide a design and fitting service to combat poorly fitting clothing and resist the negative impact fast fashion has created, both environmentally and ethically. Continuing this provision to include soft furnishings, along with extending services to transform existing garments, no longer worn, by recycling and recreating something that can be loved again.

Sarah looked to take this further by empowering people to learn to sew and take control of their own style along with embracing their beautiful unique body shapes. Achieving this by teaching and inspiring confidence in principles of fit and dressmaking through workshops and private sewing lessons.

SDC continues to look at creative and sustainable ways to produce unique and beautiful garments, soft furnishing and accessories. We are currently launching our first sustainable luxury product range and plan on designing and developing further textiles and products. We look forward to you joining us on our creative journey!